Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got to check her out!

So, there is this girl I follow and her name is caitlin. She is an amazing writer and photographer. She has a website called She posts her own photographs and writes a quick summary about the picture. The cool part is that she posts a new photograph daily. As of today, she is up to post number ninety-six. Her blog reminds me a little bit of the movie, Julie and Julia. If you come over to her blog, you will understand what I mean. She takes amazing photographs and she is awesome as she has been to New York several times. Become one of her followers, you will be glad you did! God bless you, Paris ;)

April 6,2011

So today,I have two scriptures. They are from Revelation 19:9-10 and Revelation 22:8-9 now the title of the first one is Hallelujah! So, when it said that, I knew it would be good. When I read this it said," the angel said to me write blessed are those who are invited to the wedding of the lamb!" I really liked the reminder of when I read about the angel who said, "Don't worship me I am a fellow servant of you and your brothers" then the angel said, "WORSHIP GOD"!!!! I was like AMEN!!! Now, the next scriptures that I read had two titles THE RIVER OF LIFE and JESUS IS COMING! That is so exciting! Please comment and tell me what you thought, thanks! God bless you, Paris :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday april 5,2011

So,you know how I am doing my bible bookmark? Well, every single day except, Saturday and Sunday. Today, I read, Psalm 100:1-5. I love how it says: "HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER". I was like amen to that. How good is that? I will blog you later\ God bless you, Paris :) p.s. when you read the scripture, please let me know by commenting on my blog...thank you, have an awesome day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

pretty creations!

Today,I was watching tv and sometimes they have music videos. Well, Jordan Sparks was on television, singing this song for a movie. It was like a nature movie about the wild. Anyways, as I was watching she was out in the forest and it was a pretty scene. Then, they had pictures of these awesome cheetahs, lions and leapords curling up to each other. They were loving on each other. I was so amazed by how pretty the patterns and faces were. I was saying to myself as I watched, "God you are so awesome! You make the most beautiful creations"!!! So, today just say, thank you to God for creating you or anything else you want!!! God bless, Paris :)

Monday April 4,2011

So, at my church we get these bible bookmarks each week. So, this week I received a worship one and the bookmark has the schedule of what we are suppose to read from Monday through Friday. There are different scriptures for each day. So, today is Monday and today's scripture is from, Exodus 20:1-11. It is so powerful. You have got to read it. Will you let me know when you read the scripture by posting a comment on my blog? Have a nice day!!!! God bless, Paris :)