Sunday, July 1, 2012

I have a idea!!!

Hey guys! So sorry I haven't been posting on here! But today I had this great idea! That I wanted to share with my 12 followers!(: lol! Here it is... Are ready... Hold on to your seat everyone... Its going to be a bumpy adventure!!!(:... PINTEREST DAY!!!! Today July,1 I want to make it national!!! God showed me the idea when I was on pinterest this morning!(: so what do you guys think?? Comment please!(: p.s. how you can get all the details is go on instagram my username is: paris19176 if you do not have a instagram I will show you the details!(: - top 10 fun creative pinterest ideas - the goal is is to finsh them in ONE day! - if you don't finsh that is okay!

Monday, March 5, 2012

sorry followers! :(

Sorry everyone! If you read the last post I said i would do the cookbook idea! but I forgot about it! so sorry! I am going to plan it another day! so everyone one comment and say when should I start! someone anyone help me! :) thank you and gooed night! Jesus <3 you!!!! :)

Friday, March 2, 2012


Hi everyone! i know you guys are probably saying where have you been? well,I was thinking about something my grandma gave me this book. it is called: better homes and gardens junior cookbook. my grandma told me she had while she was 9 years old! It was a very old book! but i love the old pictures they had back then. the throw-backs! but you know what I was thinking was a idea... you know the movie I told you about that was called julie and julia. well, if you have seen it i was thinking of how juile was typing rercipes. well i thought of doing the same thing julie did! so tomorrow i am going to start from begining to end! oh, and one more thing everyday i will have a scripture to go with it! :) wish me good luck!