Friday, October 28, 2011

Today is Friday!

So today is Friday! Happy Friday every one!!! Anyways at school we all got to see these people who were from Americas got talent there stage name is Ijump they are awesome they told us to never give up and do the right thing not the bad thing and when I heard that I though it reminded me of when I kinda,said that yesterday on my post! So I though that was cool! Oh, also if you did not answer my question from yesterday please answer it will make me happy if you do thanks!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's been a while...

So,were do I start hmmmmmm. Oh I got it. I've been doing awesome!!! Are all my followers doing good??? Well, anyways this week we had red ribbon week! Like Monday was twin day,then Tuesday was crazy hair day,wensday was were your shirt in-side out,Thursday was favorite hat day then,Friday will be favorite team jersey day! So, I am wearing a Pittsburg steelers shirt!!! But anyways my point is today was this red ribbon week is thinking about DON'T DO DRUGS! I just hope people understand the real reason behind red ribbon week not just having fun,but also thinking of the life you want! Let's see tristin do you want a awesome life with Jesus? Or, do you want a horrible life with drugs and hanging out with the wrong people? Know,I don't know about you but i rather pick a awesome life with Jesus! But,that is my question today. answer this questions with comments! Please and thank you god bless, tristin. .p.s. Please tell me your favorite football team is thank you!!!

It's been a while...