Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Questions for my followers

so, my followers have awesome,funny, amazing blogs and I wanted to ask some Questions for my followers: Question 1: how did you find my blog? Question 2: what's the reason why you wanted to follow my blog? Question 3: what is your favorite post from my blog? Question 4: do you have any pointers that i could use to be a better writer? (how to Respond to these Questions is by comments! thank you for reading and i would love to hear your reply's have a blessed day!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stir it up!!!!

so, my mom is amazing her name is teresa criswell and she is just a fireball for jesus! i love it! the reason why i love it is becuase when someone is sad she has a wooden spoon that says joy on it and when we are sad she takes the wooden spoon and starts singing and saying: STIR UP THE JOY! (REPEAT) and we would just start luaghing and say goodbye tears! hello happiness i love my mom so much i am so happy she is my mom!!!!! :) .p.s. mom if you are reading this i love you to:mom from:tristin

long time!

dear bloggers: so sorry it has been such a long time! i have to tell you a god thing today, i was really wanting to write on my blog but everytime I would login it would say my password was wrong so i was kinda getting up set but i heard god saying praise me! and i was like ok so i started praying and just prasing god and as i was prasing him i heard the answer for my password and so i did the login again and it opened my blog and i was so excited!!!! i was like yesssssss thank lord you are awesome. so god does answer prays! so today if you are sad just praise jesus today, he will love it!!!!!!!!