Thursday, December 22, 2011

countdown to christmas!

Hello, everyone one can you belive it 3 more days until... CHRISTMAS! and one of the things I love about christmas is this website called it is awesome you just have to see for yourself!!! merry christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

count down to christmas!

Ladies and gentlmen boys and girls!! hold on to your seat!!! 5 more days until... CHRISTMAS! yay! did you guys get your christmas shopping done? I did! I can not belive it! but i have been thinking of the reason why we do christmas is to celebrate jesus birth! I hope you have a happy jolly christmas! listen to alot of christmas music, drink tons of hot coco on christmas eve,don't go to bed on christmas eve! go to bed on christmas day after you open your presents! also and track santa on christmas eve! until, he comes to your state! well have a happy merry christmas! ps i have a picture of my last post here it is:

Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful creations!

So... Today was a good day usually, Monday's are dreadful! But today was not! Do you know why? I got 80's and 90's on quizzes and homework! Also,going to DANCE! Yay! After dance mom picks me up and most of the time we go home not tonight though... See were I live there is a historical landmark. It is a tree! But it is the oldest tree! And every year during Christmas time. They light it up! And it is a big deal! So my mom thought it would be fun to take pictures! Well I won't give it away! This will explain everything! P.s. I will post it alone thanks! Merry Christmas!!! :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Find out how many days until Christmas 2011

Christmas Countdown 2011 - Find out how many days until Christmas 2011: Set as your homepage to count the number of days until Christmas 2011!

merry earley christmas!

Hello,I can not wait for CHRISTMAS!!!!! yay! you have to admit that you can not wait for christmas even if you are 1 or 100 you have to get excited for christmas! every single day I have been looking at the count down to christmas clock I get from the nice, awesome, wonderful GOOGLE! whoa whoa whoa! and, when you think about the real meaning of christmas. like Mary and Gabriel. you know when they have pictures of them well Mary looks older then the word says she was 14 not 30! I don't know why I said this oh... I know why becuase this is christmas!!! well, merry early christmas! :)

p.s. tell me how was your thanksgiving and did you go shopping at black friday well, bye!

Monday, November 21, 2011


So... resting,movies,eating that is what I did today I was a lazy girl! instead of lazy boy. hahaha! anyways, I was watching my favorite movie Julie and Julia as I was watching julie typing on here computer on her blog everyday at 6:00 sharp. saying what recipe she is doing for the day! but,the wierd thing is when I watch this movie I start eating,eating,eating oh. and also EATING! so,I got inspired to write!!! so this is what I am doing. instead, of sitting on the coach like a lazy girl but, I am still watching the movie! I am watching the part were they julia has a letter about her book getting published. so,just a little note: have a awesome,safe thanksgiving! god bless love you guys! :)

p.s. do you get the joke lazy boy furniture store! the reason why I said that was becuase, I keep seeing the commerical. hahaha bye!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beautiful winter!

Do you know what is nice to get to feel and have! Is a nice cold day! And having a nice fire and warm chili! With your friends and family! Thank you Jesus! For nice cold weather! In Texas! Yay!!! Also, there was another thing I wanted to say is something that was AWESOME! It was the best thing that I ever saw! So, ever Sunday night I go to youth and it was during praise and worship and I was singing with my friends. And I turned around and saw my mom and I waved at her and she waved back with a HUGE smile on her face! And so, I turned around and begin singing and of the corner of my eye I saw a white figure going past me and then I felt something touching me,I thought it was my mom but it was my DAD! He was not suppose to be home until Thursday! He came early! I was so happy! And I did not care who was watching me!!! I started to cry and I saw some people crying! And my mom was telling the people who were crying! What was going on! So that was th best thing that I every got to see and be a part of!!!! Bye! God bless

Friday, October 28, 2011

Today is Friday!

So today is Friday! Happy Friday every one!!! Anyways at school we all got to see these people who were from Americas got talent there stage name is Ijump they are awesome they told us to never give up and do the right thing not the bad thing and when I heard that I though it reminded me of when I kinda,said that yesterday on my post! So I though that was cool! Oh, also if you did not answer my question from yesterday please answer it will make me happy if you do thanks!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's been a while...

So,were do I start hmmmmmm. Oh I got it. I've been doing awesome!!! Are all my followers doing good??? Well, anyways this week we had red ribbon week! Like Monday was twin day,then Tuesday was crazy hair day,wensday was were your shirt in-side out,Thursday was favorite hat day then,Friday will be favorite team jersey day! So, I am wearing a Pittsburg steelers shirt!!! But anyways my point is today was this red ribbon week is thinking about DON'T DO DRUGS! I just hope people understand the real reason behind red ribbon week not just having fun,but also thinking of the life you want! Let's see tristin do you want a awesome life with Jesus? Or, do you want a horrible life with drugs and hanging out with the wrong people? Know,I don't know about you but i rather pick a awesome life with Jesus! But,that is my question today. answer this questions with comments! Please and thank you god bless, tristin. .p.s. Please tell me your favorite football team is thank you!!!

It's been a while...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hello everyone!!!

I cannot belive that summer is almost over! It was just like yesturday we all were getting ready SCHOOL TO BE OUT!!! Now almost school again yay!!! But today I am enjoying a nice,awesome,fun,trip... I am in daytona beach FL.and today at 6:00 am a beutiful sunset was there. And me and my mom took pictures!!! And now, the sunset came up and the sun is out.I love it! So awesome!!! and. In my head I was wondering Can people not say there is no god. God you are amazing awesome powerful!!! Sometimes we just need to worship god!!! Well hahave awesome day!! God bless

Thursday, May 19, 2011

you have a plan for me!!!!

jesus,you are so awesome!
you are maybe wondering why I am posting this but the reason why I am is because today I was praying to the lord just asking him for forgivness and give me a plan and I heard a voice inside my heart say, 'I want you to pray for the people who are lost and that need Jesus!" and I was like wow! jesus you are so awesome! I LOVE YOU!!!! you are amazing! so,ask God what your calling is in your life today and just talk to him listen for his voice even if you cannot hear his voice, you just will know deep inside :)thank you!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Got to check her out!

So, there is this girl I follow and her name is caitlin. She is an amazing writer and photographer. She has a website called She posts her own photographs and writes a quick summary about the picture. The cool part is that she posts a new photograph daily. As of today, she is up to post number ninety-six. Her blog reminds me a little bit of the movie, Julie and Julia. If you come over to her blog, you will understand what I mean. She takes amazing photographs and she is awesome as she has been to New York several times. Become one of her followers, you will be glad you did! God bless you, Paris ;)

April 6,2011

So today,I have two scriptures. They are from Revelation 19:9-10 and Revelation 22:8-9 now the title of the first one is Hallelujah! So, when it said that, I knew it would be good. When I read this it said," the angel said to me write blessed are those who are invited to the wedding of the lamb!" I really liked the reminder of when I read about the angel who said, "Don't worship me I am a fellow servant of you and your brothers" then the angel said, "WORSHIP GOD"!!!! I was like AMEN!!! Now, the next scriptures that I read had two titles THE RIVER OF LIFE and JESUS IS COMING! That is so exciting! Please comment and tell me what you thought, thanks! God bless you, Paris :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday april 5,2011

So,you know how I am doing my bible bookmark? Well, every single day except, Saturday and Sunday. Today, I read, Psalm 100:1-5. I love how it says: "HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER". I was like amen to that. How good is that? I will blog you later\ God bless you, Paris :) p.s. when you read the scripture, please let me know by commenting on my blog...thank you, have an awesome day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

pretty creations!

Today,I was watching tv and sometimes they have music videos. Well, Jordan Sparks was on television, singing this song for a movie. It was like a nature movie about the wild. Anyways, as I was watching she was out in the forest and it was a pretty scene. Then, they had pictures of these awesome cheetahs, lions and leapords curling up to each other. They were loving on each other. I was so amazed by how pretty the patterns and faces were. I was saying to myself as I watched, "God you are so awesome! You make the most beautiful creations"!!! So, today just say, thank you to God for creating you or anything else you want!!! God bless, Paris :)

Monday April 4,2011

So, at my church we get these bible bookmarks each week. So, this week I received a worship one and the bookmark has the schedule of what we are suppose to read from Monday through Friday. There are different scriptures for each day. So, today is Monday and today's scripture is from, Exodus 20:1-11. It is so powerful. You have got to read it. Will you let me know when you read the scripture by posting a comment on my blog? Have a nice day!!!! God bless, Paris :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Questions for my followers

so, my followers have awesome,funny, amazing blogs and I wanted to ask some Questions for my followers: Question 1: how did you find my blog? Question 2: what's the reason why you wanted to follow my blog? Question 3: what is your favorite post from my blog? Question 4: do you have any pointers that i could use to be a better writer? (how to Respond to these Questions is by comments! thank you for reading and i would love to hear your reply's have a blessed day!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

stir it up!!!!

so, my mom is amazing her name is teresa criswell and she is just a fireball for jesus! i love it! the reason why i love it is becuase when someone is sad she has a wooden spoon that says joy on it and when we are sad she takes the wooden spoon and starts singing and saying: STIR UP THE JOY! (REPEAT) and we would just start luaghing and say goodbye tears! hello happiness i love my mom so much i am so happy she is my mom!!!!! :) .p.s. mom if you are reading this i love you to:mom from:tristin

long time!

dear bloggers: so sorry it has been such a long time! i have to tell you a god thing today, i was really wanting to write on my blog but everytime I would login it would say my password was wrong so i was kinda getting up set but i heard god saying praise me! and i was like ok so i started praying and just prasing god and as i was prasing him i heard the answer for my password and so i did the login again and it opened my blog and i was so excited!!!! i was like yesssssss thank lord you are awesome. so god does answer prays! so today if you are sad just praise jesus today, he will love it!!!!!!!!