Tuesday, December 20, 2011

count down to christmas!

Ladies and gentlmen boys and girls!! hold on to your seat!!! 5 more days until... CHRISTMAS! yay! did you guys get your christmas shopping done? I did! I can not belive it! but i have been thinking of the reason why we do christmas is to celebrate jesus birth! I hope you have a happy jolly christmas! listen to alot of christmas music, drink tons of hot coco on christmas eve,don't go to bed on christmas eve! go to bed on christmas day after you open your presents! also and track santa on christmas eve! until, he comes to your state! well have a happy merry christmas! ps i have a picture of my last post here it is:


  1. Such wisdom my daughter...you are such a breath of fresh air..you cause me to giggle...I thank the Lord for you my sweet daughter...I love you. I GET TO BE YOUR MOM!!!!!!

  2. You truly are a breath of fresh air! Your smile, your spirit and your fun, joyful, loving heart all shine so brightly!

    That photo of the Eiffel tower is gorgeous and I'm sure you will visit there one day. When you do, stand directly under it's center with your arms stretched up and out wide and have someone take your picture....holding up the Eiffel tower! ;) Happy New Year!


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