Monday, November 21, 2011


So... resting,movies,eating that is what I did today I was a lazy girl! instead of lazy boy. hahaha! anyways, I was watching my favorite movie Julie and Julia as I was watching julie typing on here computer on her blog everyday at 6:00 sharp. saying what recipe she is doing for the day! but,the wierd thing is when I watch this movie I start eating,eating,eating oh. and also EATING! so,I got inspired to write!!! so this is what I am doing. instead, of sitting on the coach like a lazy girl but, I am still watching the movie! I am watching the part were they julia has a letter about her book getting published. so,just a little note: have a awesome,safe thanksgiving! god bless love you guys! :)

p.s. do you get the joke lazy boy furniture store! the reason why I said that was becuase, I keep seeing the commerical. hahaha bye!

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