Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Questions for my followers

so, my followers have awesome,funny, amazing blogs and I wanted to ask some Questions for my followers: Question 1: how did you find my blog? Question 2: what's the reason why you wanted to follow my blog? Question 3: what is your favorite post from my blog? Question 4: do you have any pointers that i could use to be a better writer? (how to Respond to these Questions is by comments! thank you for reading and i would love to hear your reply's have a blessed day!!!!! :)

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  1. Hi Paris,
    I found your blog as I was honored to help you set it up. You love to write...and you are so good at it!
    The reason I want to follow your blog is because what you write is so real and raw as you love Jesus with a pure heart. My favorite post...hmmmm....that's a hard one.... my favorite one is probably 'Stir it Up' and 'Long Time'. Your writing is so awesome for your grade level. I would suggest you correct your spelling and use capitalization where needed. Other than are a gifted writer.
    You are so lovely


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